Capsule de Plume

Natural Perfume


To purify and cleanse your suitcase during a trip or arriving home after one.


1,77 for.oz. Made in France.

Anti-moth and anti-bacterial.


For the first time, a natural fragrance, for your suitcase with purifying essential oils. Aesthetic and useful, the Parfum de Valise was ceated by DUO by SEVE with Pascale Gail-Athis, a specialist in psychobiology, choreography and design, and Meyling Ho, a specialist in traditional Chinese medicine, an ‘energy’ expert, and Alexandra Monéger, a Nose and a creator whose signature perfumes have attracted brands such as Balmain, Chopard, Guerlain, Tartine et Chocolat. The three of them are experts in Feng Shui.



ROSEWOOD: anti-moth, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic.
LAUREL: anti-infective, anti-bacterial.
EUCALYPTUS RADIATA: known for its ability to purify air and so preventing respiratory infections, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, energizing, virucidal, disinfectant.
WHITE SANDALWOOD: antiseptic, balancing.
SAGE: the sacred plant with wonderful purifying properties.
BERGAMOT: to relax the nerves.


*Capsule de Plume gives back 10% of their profits to “Fondation SOS Villages d’enfants” exclusively when you shop through AVIWE


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