Manipura means ‘City of Gems’ in the Sanskrit language.
It's also the name of the 3rd chakra in the human body and we love it because it deals with self-discovery, authentic expression and life purpose.
Manipura crystal water bottles are dedicated to cleaning the ocean (as well as our bodies). Their water bottles that are made for crystal-infusion; by using natural crystals to revitalize your water.
How does it work?
Water is a very sensitive substance.
It has been proven to have specific reactions to any other substance coming in contact with it by absorbing energy and in many cases amplifying it. This is why, when you add crystals into water, it absorbs the energy of that crystal. Such methods have been used by ancient healers for ages, as remedies for various conditions and ailments. The Manipura bottle is a modern, safe and beautiful version of this age-old tradition.