My belief is in quality of life; in the gathering of community, in sustainable living, in creativity and most importantly in the wellness of our collective mind, body and soul.

is a Xhosa name born in the Eastern Cape (South Africa), where I grew up.

It means “to be heard” and directly reflects our core value to be the voice of communities and people who are in need of support; we want them to be heard through a more creative and sustainable approach to fashion and design.

Although the label is based in Amsterdam, and European, this name is very close to my heart and heritage. I truly believe in making our purchases future investments; statement pieces that will last a lifetime and that give back to real people.

keeps these elements in mind every step of the way, embracing everything with a conscious mind to offer you a selection of high quality artisan products firmly based on creative, sustainable and community driven upliftment.

Looking towards the future I can’t wait to engage with you personally and bring you more slow fashion products, interesting stories and note worthy causes to support.


With Love Xx